"Every successful organization must transition from a world defined primarily by repetition to one defined by change. This is the biggest transformation in the structure of how humans work together since the Agricultural Revolution." Bill Drayton

Welcome to my website! The business landscape today is rapidly evolving, and traditional business models are being disrupted. As the pace of transformation accelerates, and reinvention is now part of everyone's day-to-day, business as usual no longer cuts it.

I'm James Loudon, founder of Propeller & Co, with a network of "best in class" consulting boutiques as strategic partners; we support executives of industrial businesses and incumbent brands in driving transformation and leadership, achieving their goals with undeniable impact.

Over 15 years, I've facilitated peer groups for top executives across various industries and discussed the most pressing issues facing their companies, from governance to technology to talent management to go-to-market strategies.

Building Transformation Capabilities & Resilience

My core focus is collaborating with my strategic partners at MING Labs and IoT ONE, whose teams bring knowledge and expertise in creating new business models, sustainability transformation, enterprise-wide digitalization, advising on new leadership, and conducting executive searches for global industrial companies.

Empowering the Asia Business

We help companies with executive search and leadership advisory, helping multinationals build senior teams and innovation ecosystems in Asia. Our ecosystem partner brings two decades of experience in China and a deep network in Asia.

Leading-Edge Capabilities

Propeller & Co's ecosystem partners offer "best in class" capabilities, including machine learning-driven forecasting, strategic foresight and scenario planning, executive peer groups, policy tracking, organizational ethics, market insights, risk assessments, brand innovation, and localization.

Building Sustainable Partnerships

We don't just offer quick fixes. Instead, we invest in long-term relationships and take a lean, results-driven approach. Big change starts small, so we build trust by delivering tangible results through pilot projects before committing to larger ones. Our goal is to empower executives to create sustainable, future-proofed businesses that can thrive for years.

What's mission-critical for you? Drop us line to start the conversation at: info@propellerand.co

Digital Expert Partners

What we do — Experience design, business design and development
Our work revolves around experience design, business design, and development. The core idea that runs throughout our years of practice is human centricity.
About IoT ONE - Leading Digitalization Consultancy
IoT ONE helps companies manage the threats and opportunities created by rapid technology change.