James Loudon

James Loudon

Hello circular, goodbye linear

Last 150 yrs of industrial revolution brought advancements in society, improving life quality. However, for next 150 yrs, we must transition to circular economy for sustainable growth.

The circular innovator that makes systems change

An interview with Ramona Liberoff, Executive Director at PACE (Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy) who shares her thoughts on COP27, circular innovation, stakeholders and finding pragmatic idealists who can make a difference.

How digital twin tech will transform operations

The enterprise metaverse could be the next evolution for remote

AI's Cambrian explosion in 2023

Generative AI is taking the world by storm and transform various fields. Revisit top AI podcasts to consider how machines think and learn. Discussions include latest research and ethical implications of AI, exploring the future of this rapidly evolving technology.

Metaverse ... is also not a strategy

While the consumer VR market may have cooled off in the meantime, the enterprise applications of the Metaverse are vast and varied.

Introducing CaaS ('Community as a Service')

What is 'Community as a Service' and why do we

5G acceleration in Asia

5G adoption is on the rise worldwide, with Asia leading

Platform-as-a-Service in Asia

As the number of PaaS suppliers in the Asia Pacific and China regions continues to grow rapidly, supported by government policies, it becomes increasingly important to be aware of these suppliers and their innovations.

Building ecosystems in Asia

MNCs with HQs outside Asia see region as crucial for growth & staying on top of trends. Conventional efforts won't work in an era of innovation ecosystem-led businesses. Successful leaders balance resolve & resilience while embracing uncertainty by co-creating new value with external partners.

Kickstarting a new innovation strategy

Fueling local innovation efforts has been part of the MNC growth strategy for decades. Yet bolder steps coupled with a culture of risk acceptance and experimentation are needed for Western MNCs not to fall behind.